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Vacancies Maritime Personnel

Vestland Offshore is expanding operational and in need of European maritime personnel covering the following positions with the necessary competence and skills for our fleet with Seismic, PSV & W2W vessels.

  • Masters
  • Deck officers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Motormen
  • Ship electricians
  • Ship mechanics / Fitters
  • Cooks
  • Catering crew
  • AB/Crane/Gangway Operator
  • Able Seamen
  • Ordinary Seamen
Leave Hand Marker Mark Production Planning Control

Deck Officers, Engine Officers and Ship Electrician’s need competence for operating DPII vessels.

If you are interested, please compose a CV (in English), giving your personal details, competence, training, practical experience, and a general brief of your interests and hobbies.

Vacancies Seismic Personnel

Vestland Offshore is in need of seismic personnel covering the following positions for several new projects. Chief Mechanic, Chief Technician, SL Technician, SL Mechanic and Mechanic.