Vestland Management AS are committed to provide Healthy and Safe Working and Living conditions for all Employees, Third Party personnel and Sub Contractors on board Company vessels and premises and to operate with Zero Accidents.

To achieve these Goals the Company shall:

  • Give Health and Safety highest priority.
  • Ensure that all workplace environments are hygienic and safe for employees and visitors
  • Make the necessary resources available to enable employees to achieve the Company’s objectives
  • Provide safe practices in ship operation.
  • Have an active focus on HSE training.
  • Be prepared for emergencies.
  • Establish safeguard against all identified risks.
  • Comply with mandatory rules and regulations.


  • Reporting procedures for accidents, hazardous occurrences, non-conformities.
  • Procedures for Safety Risk Analysis and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Procedures for Management of Change
  • Adequate PPE for all kind of work which may cause personnel injuries
  • Well implemented “Safety Observation Card” system
  • Implemented regular hygiene inspections, and training of food handlers
  • Procedures for emergency situations.
  • Procedures for internal audits and management reviews.
  • Procedure covering ship and shore management.
  • Adequate resources and shore based support to ensure safe ships operations.
  • Resources for training personnel
  • Internal and external Audits and continuous efforts for improvement.

The responsibility for complying with this Policy lies from the CEO to each individual throughout the Company – both onshore and offshore. The ultimate responsibility is carried by the CEO.

Morten Lunde Sejrup, CEO

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